What we are about

"When connections are real, they simply never die. If you've deeply resonated with another person or place, the connection remains despite any distance, passing of time or lack of presence. When you reunite you will be instantly swept back into the moment as it was before you left. Real connections live forever." Victoria Erickson

Why we do what we do

It's not just about the fancy bits on the table, it's about who is sitting around it and the moments they share. Weddings bring all of the people you love together, it's like a big family dinner! Focusing on the connections between these people is a massive part of what we do.

There will be things on the day that you won't even notice, laughs you won't hear and smiles you won't see. We capture those feelings so that the mind will always remember. 


I've been told many times that I'm so laid back I may as well be lying down. I love to keep things simple, stress free and chilled. Give me a cabin in the woods with a fire, some food and music and I'll be happy. Add some movies or box-sets to the mix and I'm in heaven!

I am a very proud father to three gorgeous children and happy husband to Yaz. We met in 2006 at the beach and were married two years later in 2008. I am the ying to her yang, salt to her pepper, the beef in her taco. 

Weddings are great, photography is fun and the fact that I'm able to combine the two is a pretty sweet deal.


food | buy me a burger and I'm yours

family | the reason for everything

music | can do anything with a good playlist

rain | as long as there is no wind

"life is not about waiting for the storm to stop, but learning to dance in the rain"


food | i'll eat it all and come back for seconds

pyjamas |always need to be comfy

friends | the people and the t.v show

red hair | it's big, curly and never does as it's told

"Whatever, I'm getting cheese fries"


I am not a morning person. A warm bed and PJ's is where it's at. Never try to seperate me from the two.

I have an overwhelming love for Japanese food. You can often find me nose deep in a cook book or knuckles deep in sushi, but not in an instagram type way, more like a bruce bogtrotter-soy-sauce-covering-my-face type way.

My life began the day I married my soul mate, Sam. Just over a decade ago. Years of marriage and building a family and life together is my biggest acheivement. I believe strongly in marriage and I love a good wedding. If you add a camera into the mix, magic happens. I have to always try and be creative in what I do. 

I can't wait to meet you, to chat about what makes you guys tick. And yes, you can touch my hair. 

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