Our Approach & Style

We believe that finding the right photographer for you is very important. There are so many of us out there and we all like to do things in our own way. We love building relationships with our couples and being able to capture and share one of the most special days of their lives. Here you will find a bit more detail about how we like to do things in the build up, during and after your wedding day to help you decide if you think we are the photographers for you.

As  always we are happy to meet in person as thats when you can really get to know each other. If you would like to arrange a time to meet up or chat then please click the button below.

(Please bear in mind that this is just meant to help you better understand our approach to documenting the day. This is not a blueprint of what we say your wedding day should be. We understand that every couples wedding is different and very personal to them, we love it when couples go “off script” and do things completely different and we are very much there to capture YOUR day as you have planned it.)

We take a very hands-off approach to wedding photography (until it comes to family portraits – but we will get to that later). We like to cover the full day from before the dress goes on until the last man standing is left on the dancefloor. We don’t set a time limit on our time for your day and will be led by you and what happens on your day to make sure we capture the special moments for you.

Getting Ready

The beauty of having two photographers is that during the getting ready process, we are able to be with both the bride and the groom. Yasmin like’s to just blend in as another one of the girls and Sam does the same with the guys. We really don’t direct much at this point, apart from occasionally suggesting you place yourself in a certain area of the room that has better light, so you look your best.

Setting The Scene

Throughout the day we will be taking all sorts of storytelling shots including scene setting photos, shots of the outsides of buildings or rooms before the guests have arrived, shots that tell more of the story of what the day felt like, what the weather was like, etc. Sam will generally be the one to take these before the ceremony as, lets face it the guys will get ready much quicker than the girls! Throughout the rest of the day we will both be keeping an eye out for these shots and capturing them as the day progresses.

The Ceremony

During the ceremony we are pretty much hands off, we do not direct a thing. This is obviously the key part of the day and it is all about you guys, not us. We document everything that happens from the first moment you see each other down the aisle to the moment you walk out together as a married couple and everything in between. Sam is usually at the back of the ceremony room and Yasmin is at the front, so we are able to capture lots of different angles.

Group Shots

After the ceremony, we leave you for 10-15 minutes to meet and say hello to your guests. Then we shoot family formals next. These photos are the most traditional that we deliver, we feel that they are a necessity. They will be part of the images you will have in your album and parents will hang on their wall’s. We try and only spend about 20 minutes doing this, as guests are eager to get back to the celebrations. We discuss lists of family and friends before the big day, so we know who we are looking for at this point to help it go as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Couple Shots

We then spend about 15-20 minutes on photos of the two of you. Depending on location we will generally take you around for a little walk, stopping at places that give us the best light and setting for photo’s. We don’t really pose you guys as such, we will place you in the setting and encourage you to interact as naturally as possible, we encourage intimacy from our couples. Get in close together and really embrace this time. It’s the one of the only times on your day that you will have together alone. We try to read each couple to see what they are comfortable with – sometimes couples are less touchy feely than others or want more direction than others. This process is a collaboration between you and us, the biggest piece of advice to getting great photos, is to relax and embrace the process.

Let’s Mingle!

During cocktail hour, we float around looking for moments and emotions and capture these candid moments with the least amount of intrusion as possible. If there are any additional formal photos needed with other groups of friends or family, this is a great time to do them. This is also a great time for one of us to go into the venue for the wedding breakfast/meal and capture all the details and setting here.


During dinner, when you eat, we eat (as we doubt you would want photos of yourselves eating!) If you have speeches during dinner, we quietly move around to get shots of the speaker and your reactions, as well as family reactions.

Let’s Dance

Then it’s party time! We love getting right onto the dance floor for some epic dance shots! We typically stay for about 30 minutes of the party and love when the couple stays on the dance floor for at least one fast song after their first dance.

Sunset Shots

Depending on your preference, the weather and time of year we may also grab you guys for a few quick sunset shots or night time shots.

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