January 6, 2024


A Navy wedding at The Square Tower Portsmouth

Created by Ali Coşkunfrom the Noun Project

Navy wedding of Helen and George, at the Square Tower Portsmouth

As a photographer, some weddings are above the ordinary, weaving a tale that not only captures moments but also preserves the essence of history, tradition, and deep-rooted love. Such was the case when we had the honor of photographing a Navy wedding a The Square Tower Portsmouth.

From the moment we set foot near the Square Tower, the air hummed with an electric anticipation, an excitement that mirrored the tides of the nearby harbor. The bride and groom had been getting ready all morning, everyone was set to have the wedding of the year!

Helen and George, deeply ingrained in naval life, had chosen the perfect venue for their backdrop. The bride and groom chose not to marry in uniform, but instead opted for a guard of honor on their exit from the venue. It was the perfect tribute to their Navel career.

Through our lenses, we captured the spirited dances, the heartfelt toasts, and the shared camaraderie among sailors and loved ones. The photographs taken at the Navy wedding in Portsmouth’s Square Tower were more than just snapshots; they were a testament to the power of love against the backdrop of a timeless maritime legacy.

Tips if you are planning a Navy wedding at The Square Tower Portsmouth:

Planning a Navy wedding at Portsmouth’s Square Tower is a unique opportunity to blend maritime tradition, history, and romance into a memorable celebration. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth and meaningful experience:

Choose a photographer and Videographer who can cope with the challenges this unique venue brings. Inside the tower, the windows are far and few between meaning natural light is scarce. This is a beautiful ambiance for a wedding, however, it presents its challenges with photos and Video. Choose a team that understands this and knows how to capture images and video in low light.

In stark contrast, the outside of the venue is open, and bright and has a beautiful view of the marina. This provides a stunning backdrop, however, in the summer the light can be incredibly harsh for photos. You need to select a team that can adapt and thrive in this environment of contrasts and can deliver a consistent result.

Photographer: Sam & Yaz

Videographer: Sam & Yaz

Venue: The Square Tower Portsmouth

We chose all black and white images to feature in this blog, simply because we adore black and white!

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