January 6, 2024


A rainy English garden wedding

Created by Ali Coşkunfrom the Noun Project

Raindrops and Romance: Embracing a Rainy English Garden Wedding

In the heart of the English countryside, where lush greenery meets a childhood home, was the wedding of Emily & Tom. A rainy English garden wedding unfolded amidst the pitter-patter of raindrops—a testament to the beauty found in nature’s unpredictability and the resilience of love.

As the morning sun peeked through the clouds, preparations for the wedding were underway. The mother of the bride was busy pruning the last of the flowers, whilst the ushers and friends helped to erect a last-minute marquee for the wedding guests. You see, the rain was not expected, but the rain was coming!

The bride Emily took this all in her stride, After all, there’s nothing more romantic than a rainy English garden wedding, especially when that wedding takes place within the grounds of your childhood home.

The weather did clear eventually after the ceremony, allowing the guests and the happy couple to stroll up from the home to the beautiful wedding reception. This was a stunning canvas tent, filled to the brim with fairy lights and greenery….a true indoors but in the outdoors!

The speeches were heartfelt, the band played long into the night and the happy couple had the best day of their lives. It was a truly magical day from start to finish.

Tips if you are planning an English garden wedding:

Weather Considerations: Embrace the unpredictable English weather by having a backup plan, such as a tent or indoor space, in case of rain. Provide umbrellas or parasols for guests if the weather takes a turn.

Décor that Complements Nature: Enhance the garden’s natural beauty with décor that complements rather than competes with the surroundings. Use floral arrangements, garlands, and soft lighting to accentuate the garden’s charm.

Photography and Videography: Work with a creative team to identify picturesque spots within the garden for capturing special moments. Embrace the beauty of the landscape for stunning wedding photos.

Timing and Season: Choose the time of year wisely, considering the blooming seasons and weather patterns in the area. Spring and summer often showcase gardens in their full splendor.

Photography and videography by Sam & Yaz

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