April 17, 2020

Wedding Tips


Created by Ali Coşkunfrom the Noun Project
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DIY wedding food can be SO FUN! You just have to get creative, think about your guests and showcase your personality.

In this blog, I will show you a few simple, easy examples so you can create your perfect DIY wedding food and desserts.

One of the easiest ways of creating something stunning that will also feed your guests is a DIY dessert table. You can create these by using any items you may have at home like teacups, crates, wooden boards, and photo frames. Not only will this be super inexpensive, but it will represent your personality as a couple.


Whilst you as the wedding couple will be in charge of organizing all of these beautiful desserts, its important that you select someone to transport and arrange them on the wedding day. The last thing you want to be doing the morning of your wedding is building a dessert table. Find someone you trust to help bring your vision to life!

If you are having children at your wedding, perhaps opt for some sweet, low sugar treats like gingerbread men, instead of a sweet table. It will cost you a lot less, you can customize them and there won't be sugar hyper kids running around all over the place!


Portioning desserts like above, make a dessert table look so much more elegant (if that's the style you are going for) clear containers and wooden, eco-friendly cutlery is very on-trend right now.

Don't forget about dietary requirements!

If you have guests coming to your wedding who have dietary requirements, try to include them in your dessert table. Clearly label these alternative desserts so they can easily be found. Please note, allergies are VERY different from dietary preferences, you should not attempt to create an allergy-free dessert at home, due to the risk of cross-contamination.


If you are feeling really creative, and want to put your own stamp on every aspect of your wedding, you can even make your own wedding cake. Don't worry, it doesn't have to be elaborate or complicated (if that's not your thing) it can be as simple as a sponge cake with fruit, or a cheese cake.

As long as it tastes good 😉


Why have just one wedding cake? you can add a trio of wedding cakes to your table, catering to all of your guest's tastes. It also means if one tastes bad, the other two will be ok to eat haha!


Part of any meal is the experience, and this is no exception on a wedding day. Food can be part of the entertainment if you get really creative. Let guests help themselves! you can create a DIY ice cream stand or waffle station, where guests can prepare their own food and toppings. They will have so much fun!


One of the most important parts of a wedding day is your guest's experience. Food is one of the easiest and best ways of improving that experience for them. If you don't want to totally DIY it, then hiring something like a food truck, or a big pan catering company is a great compromise. Your guests get to have a great, interactive experience and you have none of the hassle.


In summary, just make sure the food is a reflection of you guys as a couple. If you are thinking of doing it DIY, then think outside the box. Put yourselves in your guest's shoes and have fun with it!