April 17, 2020

Wedding Tips

Make your own wedding bar DIY inspiration

Created by Ali Coşkunfrom the Noun Project

If you are having a truly DIY wedding, then you need your very own bar. Gin, prosecco and cider bars are THE in thing at the moment. Guests love them, they are fun to make and let's face it, everyone loves drinking them 😉 But where do you start? Hopefully, this blog will give you a few hints and tips, to help you create your very own DIY wedding bar.

First things first, you need to decide the theme of your bar. Will it be Gin? prosecco? Whiskey? All three? Will you have mixers and syrups? Will they be homemade? Start by making a list of all the yummy beverages you want at your DIY wedding bar.


How will you present your drinks? 

Have a think about packaging, will you use the drinks original bottle, or would you like to pour it into a homemade one?

Large glass containers are great, mason jars and old wine bottles make the perfect holder for your mixers.

Don't forget to add extras like chopped lemon, cucumber, and orange peel. Oh, and biodegradable straws too 😉


Label it clearly

Make sure all of your drinks are labelled, your guests need to know what's on the menu!

You can even create little suggestion menus for your bar, to stop guests getting stuck on what to put in their drink!



You can use all sorts of cups, glasses, and mugs for your guests to drink from. Try and think outside of the box a little bit. If you are having a vintage wedding, maybe your guests would like to mix their cocktail ina vintage tea mug? or if you are going for a more minimal approach, try plain, clear glass jars without the lid. All these items can be collected well in advance, and it's little details like this that really help to add to the vibe of your wedding.


For things like beer or soft drinks, perhaps consider a keg or large ice bucket. This way guests can quickly grab a can or fill up their own pint. Plus, they stay cold for longer (no one wants a warm beer!)


Don't forget, not everyone drinks alcohol! Try and keep this in mind when planning the drinks bar for your DIY wedding. For children, you could add juice boxes or cans of fizzy drinks. For adults, consider adding a few cordials or non-alcoholic beer to the menu. You can even suggest a few mocktails!

Good luck with planning your DIY wedding bar and please remember to drink responsibly.