September 28, 2023


Welcome to the rustic farm family wedding in Devon, of Tilly + Will

black and white photos of bride and groom during thier wedding day
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Rustic farm family wedding in Devon with Tilly + Will

Tilly and Will were married on a beautiful (all be it rainy) summer day, at their rustic farm family wedding in Devon. The bride was getting ready at her family home near their family’s local church. We absolutely love a great wedding and this one was no exception. Nestled in the heart of the Devon countryside, this beautiful wedding exuded warmth, charm, and a timeless sense of romance. With the backdrop of rolling fields, this idyllic wedding was the perfect setting for a celebration. This wedding embodied the spirit of a close-knit family and the beauty of simple, heartfelt moments.
The highlight of the morning was the bridal party climbing into the neighbor-decorated tractor and making their way slowly to the church in Devon.
Despite the wind and rain, the rustic farm wedding went without a hitch. We stopped on the Devon moors for a few photos of the happy couple and they braved the wind to embark on some truly epic photography and videography. The happy couple then jumped in their MG wedding car to head to the beautiful venue. Whilst they waited, guests enjoyed beautiful food and soothing music from a guitarist.
The beautiful rustic farm family wedding venue was decorated with freshly cut flowers, fairy lights, and personal touches from the couple. The wedding breakfast was bookended by music and funny, heartwarming speeches. Local, seasonal ingredients took center stage in the menu and the wine flowed freely.
In the evening, the rustic venue was transformed into a dance floor and the Guests were entertained by the amazing band, long into the night.

Tips if you are planning a rustic farm family wedding:

Enlist the talents of a photographer who understands the unique beauty of a rustic farm family wedding wedding. Your photographer and Videographer should be seeking out candid shots against the backdrop of golden fields, under the dappled shade of ancient oaks, or within the welcoming embrace of the barn.

A rustic farm family wedding is an ode to the simplicity and authenticity of love. It’s a celebration that harkens back to a time when life was slower, relationships were cherished, and the earth provided everything needed for a joyful existence. By infusing your day with the charm of the countryside, you create an atmosphere that resonates with all who gather to witness your union. Embrace the magic, and let the rustic beauty of your farm wedding be a testament to the enduring power of love.

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